Migrant Opened Fire on Police During Routine Check Before Shooting Self

A migrant stopped for a routine check by police in Athens opened fire on officers, wounding one before apparently turning the gun on himself. The man was questioned by a motorcycle patrol, who asked to see his papers. Instead he opened fire, striking one officer in the shoulder before fleeing as the officers returned fire. He was found dead a short while later with a gunshot wound to the head, which was reportedly self inflicted, the Daily Mail has reported. Athens Police have refused to reveal whether he was fatally wounded by the police officers’ returning fire. The incident comes as an Albanian migrant stabbed two men in Vienna, killing one and severely wounding the other. According to reports the men got into a heated dispute outside a bar in the early hours of Friday morning, whereupon the migrant pulled out a knife, stabbing both men repeatedly. He then fled the scene. More than 62,500 migrants are currently stranded in Greece leading to vast overcrowding at migrant centres, particularly on the Greek islands where demand is currently running at twice the nominal capacity. European Commission plans to relocate 160,000 migrants from Greece and Italy to other member states have stalled, Moreover

Reuters: Italy Foreign Minister to Form Caretaker Government

Gentiloni Italy
ROME, Dec 11 (Reuters) – Italian President Sergio Mattarella summoned Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni to the presidential palace on Sunday, in a strong indication that the head of state has chosen him to try to form a new government. Caretaker Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned last week after losing a referendum on constitutional reform on which he had staked his job, plunging Italy into a government crisis. Gentiloni, 62, is due to meet Mattarella at 1130 GMT. If, as expected, he is formally given the mandate, he will begin consultations with political forces to form the next government. Read more at Reuters Moreover

NFL Sunday Preview: Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers Could Actually Win This Week

Colin Kaepernick
Green Bay tries to stay in the playoff hunt hosting Seattle, a club trying to keep ahead of Detroit for NFC home-field advantage in the playoffs. Denver travels to Tennessee in a huge game for both teams’ playoff hopes. While they aren’t likely to catch the Dallas in the NFC East, the New York Giants hope to pad their lead in the wild-card race with a win over the Cowboys. Also, Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers have a decent chance at snapping their 11-game losing streak hosting the struggling New York Jets. Moreover

SNL Mocks University of Alabama for Football Player Academic Special Treatment

During a sketch this week on “Saturday Night Live,” guest host John Cena played the role of a dumb Alabama football player trying to pass a course in order to be eligible to play in his team’s upcoming College Football Playoff game against Washington. While two other students presented complex projects, Cena’s character presented bananas nailed to a piece of plywood, although one of the items nailed was actually an orange, to a panel of Alabama fans. Despite an inferior project and obvious lack of intelligence, Cena made a 100 while his counterparts struggled. Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent Moreover