Government Will Protect Us From Bad Speech? That’s the Fakest News of All: New at Reason

When government officials suppress critics, they do so only to help themselves. J.D. Tuccille writes: The folks from the government are here to protect us from extremism, fake news, and hate speech, and they’ve strong-armed some media company friends to help. “Twitter is sending out messages to people telling them… Continue reading >>

Doctor With Permanent Residency and American Wife, Daughter Who Immigrated From Poland as a Kid Faces Deportation for 26-Year-Old Misdemeanors

Lukasz Niec was brought to the U.S. as a three-year-old, a refugee from Poland’s oppressive then-communist government. Now 43, Niec’s a permanent resident with a green card and an American wife, daughter, and stepdaughter. He works as a doctor specializing in internal medicine for Bronson HeathCare in Michigan. But the… Continue reading >>

New Psilocybin Research Suggests ‘Set and Setting’ Are Crucial to Helping Patients Get Better

Psychedelic researchers have known since the 1960s that bad vibes can lead to bad trips. Now researchers from the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London have published a paper providing new evidence that when it comes to psychedelic-assisted therapy, a positive “[mind]set and setting” may be crucial to long-term… Continue reading >>

Government Shutdown Coming to an End Already, Supreme Court Calls Out a Party Foul, Pennsylvania Congressional Map Struck Down: P.M. Links

The Senate has broken the lawmaking logjam in funding the government with another short-term spending bill. While the Democrats wanted to tie government funding to protections for immigrants, that doesn’t seem to be happening. Eric Boehm analyzes here. The Supreme Court ruled that D.C. police had probable cause to arrest… Continue reading >>