The Case Against Education: Economist Bryan Caplan Says Government Spending of $1 Trillion a Year on Schooling Is a Waste

“It’s absolutely true that school makes people show up, sit down, shut up and that these are useful skills for people to have in adulthood, ” says Bryan Caplan, a professor of economics at George Mason University, who blogs at EconLog, and is the author of the new book The… Continue reading >>

Study of Postsurgical Patients Shows Addiction to Pain Pills Is Rare

A new BMJ study of patients who received opioid analgesics after surgery, touted as evidence of how risky such prescriptions are, actually shows how rarely people become addicted in the course of treatment for acute pain. Tracking 568,612 opioid-naive patients who took prescription pain medication following surgery, Boston surgeon Gabriel… Continue reading >>

Reminder: The Parts of the Federal Government Authorized to Shoot You Are Still Functioning

As the government shutdown dominates the news and partisan posturing today, you might be thinking we’re temporarily freer from the oppressive hand of The Man. Don’t celebrate. The feds who carry around guns and arrest people are almost all still working. Bloomberg has gone through the list of federal agencies… Continue reading >>

Women’s Marches, Senate Shutdown Vote, Patriots Return to Super Bowl: A.M. Links

Women’s marches were held across the United States. The Senate will vote today on a potential deal to re-open those portions of the government shut down after funding expired. Gunmen stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, killing 18 people. A pair of improvised explosive devices went off at a mall… Continue reading >>

Can Big Data Help Save Abused Kids? New at Reason

For too long, we’ve been asking undertrained social workers to make high-stakes decisions about children and families based on patchy data and gut intuition. The result is a system riddled with the biases, inattention, bad incentives, error, and malice that plague all human endeavors, but especially massive government bureaucracies. Every… Continue reading >>