Erasing history

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Sen. Coburn: There’s ‘relief valve’ when feds grab too much power

The U.S. national debt is approaching $20 trillion while the nation’s unfunded liabilities have soared past $106 trillion. Federal spending has continuously exceeded federal revenues over the past 20 years under Republican and Democratic presidents alike, leading to ballooning budget deficits and ever more debt. The trend leads many people to wonder if Washington politicians can be […] Continue reading

WND to livestream Harvest America 2017, the world’s largest Christian website, has been named to be the platform to livestream Harvest America 2017, which is planned live in the University of Phoenix stadium and everywhere else by simulcast on June 11. There will be a link available on the day of the event to watch the events unfold at […] Continue reading

Remember – never forget – what soldiers do

Southern women scattered spring flowers on graves of both northern Union and southern Confederate soldiers of the Civil War in which over a half-million died. Many places claimed to have held the original Memorial Day, such as: Warrenton, Virginia Columbus, Georgia Savannah, Georgia Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Boalsburg, Pennsylvania Waterloo, New York One such place was Charleston, […] Continue reading

The myth that ‘Made in USA doesn’t matter’

“Made in USA” matters not only to American consumers, but also to American companies (and even foreign-based ones). But if you believe a writer of a recent CNN article, most American consumers don’t care about Buying American. A casual observance of several advertisements and product labeling by popular American brands, however, would seem to indicate […] Continue reading

That’s the way

Editor’s note: Do you need something to smile about? Every day, WND selects the best joke offered up by readers and contributors to its Laughlines forum and brings it to you as the WND Joke of the Day. Here is today’s offering: An elderly Italian man lay dying in his bed. While suffering the agonies […] Continue reading

Something is fishy in the Trump family

It is hard to go after a president. Even the resignation of Richard Nixon back in the early 1970s took more than 25 months from the time of the break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters the Watergate office to the actual date of resignation. Now, instead of going after President Trump, who by all accounts […] Continue reading

What Memorial Day means to me

Almost everyone in America knows that the last Monday of May is a holiday – not necessarily why it is, but that it is. They know it’s called “Memorial Day,” but many of them don’t know why. A quick Google search informs us that Memorial Day is: “… an American holiday observed on the last […] Continue reading