Bar association’s speech code denounced as unconstitutional

The American Bar Association is having trouble with its campaign to stifle the free speech rights of its member lawyers, according to a new report. The ABA, in its Rule 8.4, uses vague terms such as “deragotory” and “demeaning” to categorize various forbidden statements and to punish lawyers who violate its standards. In part, the rule states, “Discrimination and harassment […] Continue reading

Cops seize tons of fake products worldwide

Just imagine: an Olympic-size swimming pool, all 650,000 or so gallons of its capacity, filled with wine. Then imagine another, and another and a total of 10 of those pools – all filled with wine or other alcoholic products. That’s how much a vast international coalition of teams of police officers confiscated in a recent worldwide […] Continue reading

Obamacare taxes: ‘We need them gone’

Just days after winning conservative support for an amended bill to gut the taxes and mandates associated with Obamacare, Republicans still are struggling to find the votes for passage, but the man leading the legislative effort is confident the votes will eventually be there. GOP leaders have given their blessing to an amendment championed by […] Continue reading