Meghan McCain Calls Out Ana Navarro’s Hypocrisy: Why Do You Still Consider Yourself a Republican?

The View’s “Republican” co-hosts Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro had a spitfire exchange over who was to blame for the government shutdown during the January 22 show. After Navarro continued to attack the GOP’s response to the shutdown, McCain called her out as a hypocrite for still identifying as a Republican,… Continue reading >>

Washington Examiner’s ‘Mainstream Media Scream’ with the MRC’s Assessment

New on January 22: January 20 tweet from @JoeNBC: “My new single is out. Inspired by the Women’s March and dedicated to those who #Resist. Mika and I salute you.” Monday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC featured a video montage to accompany the new song, “Stand,” by Joe Scarborough with images… Continue reading >>

Trump and Republicans a “Danger” to Children and “Non-White People”

Efforts by President Donald Trump and Republicans to secure the border and let Americans keep more of their money sent the liberal media into hysterics over the past month. On MSNBC, the President was called a “white supremacist” who was a “danger to non-white people” for wanting to tighten immigration… Continue reading >>

Chris Matthews on Blame Game: ‘Hard Left’ Hates Trump, Wants Government Closed

The government reopened on Monday after Democrats reversed course, apparently failing to get their demands met on “ironclad commitments” about DACA. This prompted an admission from an unlikely source on the state of liberalism: Chris Matthews denounced some on the “hard left” who “don’t care” about the impact of the… Continue reading >>

Wow: Vanity Fair Wonders If Dems Will ‘Lose the Government Shutdown’

Perhaps it is time to award Vanity Fair contributor T.A. Frank a kewpie doll for experiencing a brief moment of mental clarity. Although his January 21 column takes the requisite liberal shots at President Donald Trump and Republicans over the current government shutdown, when you get past that and dig… Continue reading >>

Blame: CBS Lobbies Trump to ‘Do More’ on Shutdown, Skips Schumer Hypocrisy

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Monday placed the blame for the government shutdown on Donald Trump and the Republicans. Co-host Gayle King pressured the President to “do more” on ending the stalemate. The journalists failed to point out that Chuck Schumer in 2013 vowed not to shut down… Continue reading >>

Stephanopoulos Scoffs: ‘Do You Really Want to Question’ Schumer’s ‘Knowledge’ of This Bill?

ABC led its Good Morning America coverage on day three of the government shutdown by sympathizing with Democrats over their plan to hold the government hostage until Republicans pass a spending bill with protections for DACA. Touting Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) blaming President Trump for not “negotiating” on the legislation,… Continue reading >>

In the Trump Era, the New York Times Sunday Review Needs a Hug…or a Counselor

More proof that the Donald Trump presidency, just one year old, is already working the last nerves of liberals: The New York Times is putting pieces in its high-profile Sunday Review section that may be better handled by a qualified counselor. “A Trump-Size Hole in Our Relationship” by Gina-Abercrombie Winstanley,… Continue reading >>

New Medical Drama Misdiagnoses Immigration: ‘We’re Shutting Our Doors’

Medical drama The Resident premiered on January 22 with their pilot episode, in which we get to know the doctors at the fictional Chastain Park Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Chief of Surgery Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) is highly-respected but, it turns out, it kind of a a jerk, and has an… Continue reading >>