Nets Censor Revelation FBI Lost 400 Texts from Two Shady Anti-Trump Officials

There were disturbing revelations out of the FBI over the weekend when it was learned that the bureau had somehow lost roughly 400 text messages between an anti-Trump investigator and a lawyer he was romantically involved with. Since then there have been calls from Republican members of Congress for another… Continue reading >>

‘Thank God for Roe’; Guest Columnist Uncorks Crazy Claims About Abortion as a Form of ‘Justice’

In an opinion piece published by the Louisville Courier-Journal, self-described “faith leader” Rev. Lauren Jones Mayfield expressed her support for legalized abortion and argued that she is aligning herself with “the oppressed.” Mayfield, who “is on the board of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky,” said supporting legalized abortion coincides… Continue reading >>

CBS/NBC Downplay GOP Victory in Shutdown, ABC Guilts Dems for ‘Giving In’

Congressional Republicans and President Trump declared victory on Monday over the Democrats in the government shutdown, as the Resistance could hold out no longer and voted on the continuing resolution to fund the government. In an exchange, they received a promise to negotiate and vote on DACA in the next… Continue reading >>

NPR, PBS Offer Five Times as Much Coverage to Feminists Compared to Pro-Life March

Taxpayer-supported radio and TV showed the same pattern as the commercial TV newscasts, devoting more attention to the feminist Left than to the pro-life conservatives. From Friday through Sunday, NPR’s newscasts devoted 10 minutes and five seconds to the annual March for Life. But the second annual Women’s March and… Continue reading >>

Trump’s First Year Headlined as ‘Horror Show’ on Telemundo

The tendency to exaggerate how ‘bad’ things are has long plagued the practice of journalism. This common failing of the profession, however, was further compounded by Telemundo, when at the top of a national newscast coinciding with the first year anniversary of the Trump presidency the sister network to NBC… Continue reading >>

Awww: CNN’s Jim Acosta Suffers Serial Self-Humiliation During Shutdown

CNN’s Jim Acosta has had a rough four days. It’s hard not to take some pleasure in that situation, given the Chief White House Correspondent’s habitual rudeness and petulance with President Trump, and with his representatives during White House press briefings. Powered by WPeMatico Continue reading >>

Telemundo pinta cuadro dantesco del primero año de Trump

Se sabe que un mal perenne del periodismo es la tendencia a exagerar la nota, sobre todo al presentar cuán “mal” están las cosas. En el caso de Telemundo, esta inclinación también incluye caracterizaciones altamente cuestionables e irresponsables, como sucedió durante su cobertura del primero año de la presidencia de… Continue reading >>

Censored: Networks Ignore Huge Spike in View of Tax Bill Benefits

One of the constants in politics is change. The number of Americans who think the GOP tax bill will help them financially dramatically increased from December, 2017 to January, 2018, yet the network evening news shows ignored the story completely. That didn’t stop NBC and CBS from spending almost four… Continue reading >>

Meghan McCain Calls Out Ana Navarro’s Hypocrisy: Why Do You Still Consider Yourself a Republican?

The View’s “Republican” co-hosts Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro had a spitfire exchange over who was to blame for the government shutdown during the January 22 show. After Navarro continued to attack the GOP’s response to the shutdown, McCain called her out as a hypocrite for still identifying as a Republican,… Continue reading >>